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The future of metal trading is digital

More than half of all coated flat steel products are supplied directly to the end-users by steel manufacturers.
Customer-specific solutions and the need for extensive explanations in sales transactions are the reasons for this.
If steel manufacturers can be matched via smart digital distribution channels, their loss of market share could be stopped.

South Africa: Opportunities and risks

South Africa is achieving economic growth in one of the most exciting continents in the world, but navigating South Africa’s complex environment can be problematic.
Economic growth in sub-Saharan Africa should significantly outpace the global average over the next three years, with South Africa as its powerhouse.

Lilium Air Taxis

The Lilium Jet is a five-seater, all-electric, vertical take-off and landing tilt jet or eVTOL (electric Vertical Take Off and Landing,) which features two fixed wings, one main wing at the rear and a canard “duck-like” wing at the front of the aircraft.

Exoskeleton – reducing worker fatigue

Ford employees who perform repetitive overhead tasks now have assistance from a new upper body exoskeletal technology.
EksoVest is the latest example of technology Ford is using to reduce the physical toll on employees during the vehicle assembly process.


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  • news & trends
  • seen.heard.read
  • preview
  • the last straw


  • CNC machines
    From the 1940s when Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines were first introduced up to the present day, home CNCs now also combined with 3D printers are enjoying a renaissance
  • Smart cities
    What are the issues and challenges for technologists and engineering of an ever-growing urban (city) population?
  • Trade Fair review/preview
    A look back at GIFA, METEC, THERMPROCESS & NEWCAST which took place in Düsseldorf between June 25th and 29th - and we also look forward to productronica (Munich) in November.
  • MacKay Manufacturing
    Reducing machining time in the processing of complex, tight tolerance parts while working with challenging materials


  • Optical Imaging camera
    A handheld, cooled Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) camera for oil and gas inspection professionals. The GF620 is a high resolution OGI camera. Equipped with a 640x480 infrared detector, it is calibrated to measure temperature, allowing the user to work safely.
  • Bicycle frames
    An Italian start-up is using Siemens technology to manufacture advanced monocoque bicycle frames. With clear and intuitive visual displays users understand the model and are provided with advanced reporting tools for data extraction.
  • Off-grid power
    Airport terminals, train stations and shopping centers can now benefit from the footsteps of passing pedestrians. Each footstep generates 2 to 4 joules of off-grid electrical


  • USA: 25 LRVs for San Diego
    Dan Diego has ordered 25 Siemens S700 low-floor Light Rail Vehicles (LRVs) to operate on its Metropolitan
  • Munich, the “Globe”: 5G NR (New Radio) technology explained
    Rohde & Schwarz has compiled an in-depth eBook describing the main aspects of the global standard 5G NR technology. The contents of the book can be read online for free.
  • London: Tower Bridge or London Bridge?
    Did an American millionaire buy the “wrong” bridge back in 1968?


  • business
    Which trends are efficient and helpful in structuring work.
  • common mistakes
    Sensory verbs
  • idiomatic english
    Money expressions
  • phrases
  • grammar review
    Next chapter of a back to basic series with the future.
  • advanced learners
    Digital language
  • small talk with friends
    Join the friends when they discuss new and old habits.
  • crossword

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