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  • editorial 
  • news & trends 
    The world’s largest and craziest plane
    How graphene could help solve a global water crisis
    Germany’s lightning hot spot
  • seen.heard.read 
    Interesting and useful books and websites
  • preview 
  • the last straw


  • mro diary of an engine 
    MTU presents an engine’s maintenance résumé
  • cutting NOx emissions 
    The emission regulations for diesel engines are becoming increasingly stricter worldwide, which makes modifications to the engines and exhaust systems necessary.
  • a feat of flying 
    The Gimli glider
  • wing architecture 
    A new twist on airpane wing design
  • giant balloons 
    Researchers in Greenland are using massive balloons to construct tunnels for the East Greenland Ice-Core Project
  • the queensferry crossing


  • basics 
    Creating lift: The wings of birds were the original inspiration for the design of aerofoils. In order to create lift, the shape of the aerofoil causes air to flow faster on top than on bottom to decrease the surrounding air pressure.
    Because the air pressure is greater below the airfoil than above, a resulting lift force is created.
  • technical dictionary 
    Project Management
  • history audio 
    The story of a failed airplane design


  • topic 
    Effective workplace communication skills: Practicing effective communication skills in the workplace can help create a more positive environment.
  • travel 
    Northern Ireland: It has often had to play second fiddle to its southern neighbour, but Northern Ireland offers a diversity of attractions that frequently confounds first-time visitors.


  • business 
    The modern workplace
  • common mistakes 
    States of matter
  • idiomatic english 
    Flowery language
  • phrases 
  • grammar review 
    Looking into the future: Tenses to express future events
  • advanced learners 
    Instant solutions for emails
  • small talk with friends 
  • crossword

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