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Collaborative robots or “Cobots” use sensor technology that enables them to function safely alongside humans in a shared work environment.
Alexandria Industries, an aluminum extruder, machining and fabricating company out of Minnesota, USA, uses more than 20 Cobots and has discovered that by simplifying and standardizing its automation processes, it could reap the benefits of unattended machining even for relatively low batch sizes.


PolyCare has developed a disruptive building technology which uses Polymer concrete.
It is greener than concrete and also supports the concept of a circular economy.
Locally available materials can be used by local people to build houses and other infrastructure to improve the lives of people and communities in 3rd world countries and areas hit by natural disasters.

Rohde & Schwarz

Seven tips from Joel Woodward of Rohde & Schwarz for the effective use of oscilloscopes to ensure better measurement in low noise environments

Shortage of skilled workers in Germany

The Augsburg Law Firm Dr Galli & Riedl has worked for over 30 years to help immigrants settle in Germany.
They are now focusing on new laws aimed at helping ease skilled worker shortages.
Dr Thomas Galli discusses the legal aspects of German companies hiring non-EU migrants to fill job vacancies.


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  • Industry 4.0
    Industry 4.0 is moving fast. That raises the question: Are German universities adapting their engineering courses fast enough?
  • Leman Micro Devices
    A smartphone-based health monitoring system which measures health not activity.
  • Foundries
    Foundries are one of the industrialized world’s best examples of resource efficiency
  • EnOcean
    New EU rules mean that buildings are required to be CO2-neutral by 2050 - this will lead to smart implementation of smart buildings


  • Drones: Energy harvesting
    Designers of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs,) commonly known as drones are striving to meet demands for ever-greater performance from their electrically-powered devices.
  • Fischertechnik:
    A simulation model for Industry 4.0 applications
  • Developing smarter cars:
    Will intelligent vehicles lead to safer traffic?
  • Wireless EV charging
    The issue of wireless charging of electronic vehicles (EVs) is all about the question: what is the most viable long-term solution for EVs?


  • USA: End-of-shift clean-up
    The President of Smart Manufacturing Solutions Magazine calls for a return to the days of the end-of-shift clean-up
  • Finland: Nordic but not Scandinavian
    Finland offers trade links with Russia, Europe and the Baltic States. A highly modern and free market, its industrial economy boasts a thriving private sector and is attractive to foreign investment.
  • Canada: Family-owned book printer
    Imprimerie HLN, a family-owned book printer from Quebec, increased their sales by 30 % with a Speedmaster XL 106-5P+L from Heidelberg.


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    New trends in teams and agile transformation
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    Next chapter of a back to basic series with the past.
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    Organizing events
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    Join the friends when they discuss new trends in their lives.
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