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  • editorial
  • news & trends
    Chemists create battery technology with off-the-charts charging capacity.
    NASA releases new incredible Mars photos
  • interview
    Dr. Stephen Payne, the naval architect and chief designer of Queen Mary 2, shot to fame after fulfilling his childhood dream.
  • seen.heard.read
    Interesting and useful books and websites
  • preview
  • the last straw


  • breaking the ice
    The goal of year-round traffic through the Arctic is now one step closer with the advent of the biggest, most powerful ice-breaking LNG carrier. Innovations like this are just the start of an Arctic technology revolution set to ripple throughout the wider shipping industry.
  • autonomous sphere garden
    The autonomous hollow sphere grows a garden inside by rolling itself.
  • perfectly-shaped roses
    Special machinery is required to bring paste-like materials such as marzipan into the required form. A company produces complex rolling tools, using machine tools equipped with a state-of-the-art CNC.


  • basics
    Basic principles of ship propulsion
  • technical dictionary
    Hydraulic Engineering, Wasserbautechnik
  • history audio
    Here‘s a fine lesson in scientific objectivity. It‘s an old book about the Titanic. Experimental science is the business of sorting out the things we see. This book is dated May 13, 1912. That‘s a scant 33 days after the Titanic sank.


  • business partner spain
    Good, effective communication is always an important element of a successful business encounter. This article focuses on those aspects of communication that are essential, mainly during the initial phases of an encounter.
  • topic
    The efforts of teams often produce far greater results than individual efforts. Teams are generally more productive and their work can lead to the creation of valuable new products. However, groups can also encounter difficulties.
  • travel
    China. Despite the fact that it seems to be in the news almost every day of the week, China - impossibly vast and fascinatingly diverse - remains a travel destination with an unquestionable mystique.


  • business
    Pitching your ideas
  • common mistakes
    The right perspective
  • idiomatic english
    Word field: failures & mistakes
  • phrases
  • grammar review
  • advanced learners
    Negotiating with confidence
  • small talk with friends
  • crossword

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