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  • technical dictionary

Mechanical engineering

  • history

George Westinghouse was one of the
most influential and fondly remembered
engineers, inventors and businessman
of all time. Without this man’s
labours, America and perhaps the world
would be a very different place

  • history audio

The U.S. government fi rst listed statistical
data on automobiles in 1914.
They showed 1.7 million licensed cars.
And, how much all these new owners
needed to know about the care and
feeding of cars! A year later, McGraw-
Hill published The Gasoline Automobile
— a book on how to cope with these
new machines. The first edition quickly
raced through fourteen printings.


  • topic

Time management is not very difficult
as a concept, but it’s surprisingly hard to
do in practice. It requires the investment
of a little time upfront to prioritise
and organise yourself.

  • business partner

Following the easing of international
sanctions against Iran in 2016, the
Islamic nation signalled it would need
a lot of foreign investment to modernise
its infrastructure after a decade of


  • business

Work needs

  • common mistakes

Posts and mails

  • idiomatic english

Forming and shaping

  • phrases
  • grammar review


  • advanced learners

Language change

  • small talk with friends
  • crossword

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